Sunday, April 22, 2012

outfit of the day: boho wanna-be

shirt: american eagle outfitters // cardigan thing: kohls // jeans: BKE denim // boots: marshalls // bracelets: handmade & gifts // necklace: molly the pirate on etsy // headband: school fundraiser

whoa. whoa. I had no idea how insanely awesome I was at foot modeling *pauses and admires feet, thinks of calling payless shoes for a job*

About three-four months ago I started a fashion revolution in my grade when I showed up with a simple hemp-braided headband wrapped around my head.
Seriously. Not kidding. The funny thing was that more guys than girls jumped on the "hippie headband" bandwagon, and I was flooded with requests for them (I make my own). It is a regular item of my wardrobe now, and I wear one two-three days a week.

What's your favorite accessory to add to an outfit?


  1. cute! i love your boots. :)


  2. This is adorable... Seriously. And your boots... You sold me. You should definitely be a foot model! Haha.

    You headband is so cute, too.

  3. I love you blog! Super Cute!!!!!!

    Here is the link to my blog.

    Emelie Claire

  4. I like best friend wears her hair like that all the time :) And I love your blog.



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