Sunday, April 8, 2012

sunday spark week 5

This is the nail design I slaved over on Saturday. I wanted to have nice-looking nails on Easter and I wanted to do a flower, so this is what I came up with. Let me just say, it was so dang hard to do this design lefty! (I'm right-handed ;])

Welcome to week five of Sunday Spark, where you can start off your week with a spark of inspiration! You can also leave inspiration for others, just enter your link in the linky tool below! It may be a photo of your makeup for the day, it may be a cool manicure you just did, it may be an awesome outfit. Anything can be inspirational! The only rules are:

You must take the photos/write the post yourself
the post/photo must be something beauty/fashion related (this is a beauty blog after all!)
you must include this button in your post:

or link to this blog.

Every Sunday I'll pick my favorite bit of inspiration and feature it on this bloggity-blog. I don't expect to get too many entries the first few weeks, if any, but one is better than nothing ;) So link away, I'd love to see what beauty inspiration you guys have for everyone!

Here are the links from last week:

Finger Nails

thanks Rachel and Mikayla for linking up!


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  1. Um ok are you kidding me? Your nails are INCREDIBLE. I can't believe you did those yourself. Major props my friend.


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