Sunday, March 4, 2012

nail art

when I have nothing to do....
 and when there are acrylic paints sitting on my desk...
 and when there's a clear top coat of nail polish perched on my shelf...
 I do some nail art!
Have you guys ever painted a design on your nails with acrylic paint? Don't worry, it doesn't hurt your nails or anything, and it's much easier to do designs with than actual nail polish.
Show me your nail art, whether you did it with acrylics or nail polish! Maybe we can start a little linky every week, or a contest! Whaddya think?



  1. Beautiful, hey just wanted to let you know I got your comment about the Almay palette and I am going to do a review as soon as possible..... Thanks for requesting!

  2. Woww...beautiful nail paint! will erase it whit what?

    (sorry my english is worse!)

    1. I use nail polish remover for the most part, then I'll scrub away the rest of the paint with soap and water :)

  3. a contest would be SOOOOOOO cool!!!!


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